Wine Walks in Historic Paris

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Marais - Joseph Mignaret (4th) - Secret Marais vineyard
Jardin des Plantes (5th) - Historic Paris & the National Botanical gardens
Saint-Germain-des-Prés (6th) - Julienas in Paris

Bercy vines & storage (12th) - Paris wine docks

Clos des Morillons (15th) - Popular bourgeoisie
Clos Montmartre (18th) - Paris' 'boutique' vineyard
Vineyard of the Butte Bergeyre (19th) - Paris' own rosé
Belleville slopes (20th) - Working class wine and countryside

Eco-friendly, informative and delicious

Historical, cultural, tasting tours that walk you through the vinous history of the wine background of the quarter and savour a themed wine tasting in the very best wine cellars in the city. History comes alive as we taste the ancient soils of Paris' forgotten terroirs. Morning tours feature lunches in select wine bars, while afternoon tours offer aperitif wine bar dishes, some tours combining visits to open markets, bakeries, cheese shops or specialty food shops. Our choice of wine bars and wines offer natural, living wines made organically and biodynamically - wines bursting with real taste.

Another side of Paris

Each tour begins with a living vineyard (sometimes only a few vines), which connects us to the soil of Paris and its 'terroir'. By following this trail of vines, each tour covers a different neighbourhood and its wine history, offering you the chance to discover another side of Paris' history. But the tours don't stop there. We also taste real wines (sometimes from the vineyards themselves) to inspire a taste connection with Paris' wine history and allow our imaginations to journey back through time.

Hidden vineyards, exclusive access

Most of our visits are in hidden corners of the city with limited public access. Taste Tours has made arrangements for private visits with the gardeners and caretakers of these historic vineyards, which sometimes include tastings of the wines they produce. Our guides are all wine professionals who will develop the themes introduced in the vineyards (varietals and history) by selecting wines to bring these histories alive, while furthering your understanding of agriculture and vinification techniques.

Ancient vineyards

It is hard to imagine that beneath the historic streets of Paris, vineyards flourished in most every quarter of the city and that in some neighbourhoods, hidden vineyards still survive. These ancient vineyards often produced wines comparable to some of the best of France, in both quantity and quality. The vines may be gone (though in some quarters vestiges still exist) but their presence is witnessed by street names such as the Cour St-Emilion, rue de la Goutte d'Or, rue des Morillons, rue des Vignes, rue Vineuse and rue des Vignobles.


Join us now for an unforgettable taste experience that brings Paris' wine history to life!