Into the Mild - Super Eco 7 days, 6 nights - 825€ (includes 15€ membership in Taste)


What is included


Yoga instruction daily

3 courses on herbology

4 vegetarian cooking classes and hands-on kitchen experience

Biodynamic herbs and vegetables grown on the property

All meals, including 6 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 6 locally sourced vegetarian dinners

Shared accommodations

Wine tastings

Cultural tours and guided walks

All transfers in private coach and round-trip TGV from Paris to Macon


Not included:


Yoga mats

Bed linens and towels

Soaps and toiletries


Gite and Yoga room


The large 'gite' can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people, with a spacious, well-lit room with views of the vines and surrounding landscape we can use for Yoga sessions. There is a large wooden terrace off this space that also provides a large enough surface for yoga practice that gives on to a large grass lawn, surrounded by rolling, vine-covered hills where yoga classes will take place in fine weather. Rooms offer basic comfort and bathrooms are shared.


Vegetable garden


Part of the property is also leased to a young farmer who grows vegetables for a community supported agriculture scheme, or AMAP. We will be able to benefit from this extremely local food source for much of our culinary needs and will also have the opportunity of a hands-on tour of the vegetable garden.


Cooking Classes and Meal Preparations


Everyone will be able to comfortably fit in to the kitchen for the cooking classes, which are very 'hands on', each class resulting in a shared meal. All meals being participative experiences, the food preparation as well as setting up, cleaning up and washing up will be shared by everyone with rotating teams of 3 or 4 people assigned to help for each meal. Apart from being fun and a potential learning experience, this is a ‘service’ each participant can offer the others so that everyone benefits from each other's involvement.


Visits on foot and Wine Tastings


We will of course taste the wines of the domain and optional guided visits and hikes of the surrounding region will be organised on foot. There will also be plenty of time to simply relax, read, write or draw...