Into the Mild - 4 Day Super Eco


An all inclusive 3 night, 4 day slow-paced panoply of dynamic yogic, culinary, and plant-based medicinal practices for mind / body harmony on a biodynamic vineyard near Saint-Étienne des Oulières in Beaujolais, France


Gourmet travel meets Yoga



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Cooking & Yoga


The body requires specific nutrients to meet the demands of physical exercise. When you want to connect to something more inside, a search for self, the needs are different again, to facilitate this introspection. Yoga is halfway between the two. It is of course a physical practice, but is also designed to soothe the mind and develop the heart connection in an effort to gain inner harmony. The food that is the most suitable consists of using ingredients that are digestible and nutritious and cooked and prepared by denaturing them as little as possible.

Domaine des Grottes


Biodynamic wine


The Domaine des Grottes is a biodynamic vineyard in the Beaujolais region of France, about 35 minutes from the Macon TGV station. The domain produces a vibrant range of natural living wines that confirm that Beaujolais is not just 'nouveau'.


The Beaujolais region is often referred to as one of the most beautiful of all vineyard regions. Gently rolling vine-covered hills and sleepy, picturesque villages can give one the impression that time has stopped a century ago.


Community supported agriculture


Part of the property is also leased to a young farmer who grows vegetables for a community supported agriculture scheme, or AMAP. We will be able to benefit from this extremely local food source for much of our culinary needs and will also have the opportunity of a hands-on tour of the vegetable garden.

Herbology workshop


Apart from being a biodynamic wine maker, Romain des Grottes is a trained herbalist who also produces a range of plant-based medicinal tinctures and macerations. He will be giving a class on medicinal plants.




Cooking classes


The Kitchen


The kitchen is very spacious and well appointed, allowing the entire group to participate in cooking demonstrations and for several people to work together at once to help with meal preparations.


Living Foods


The food that Félicie will offer during this tour is entirely vegetarian, and excludes wheat, lactose, sugar-cane and refined products. It will be full of living foods prepared with inspiration, knowledge and understanding: fresh seasonal vegetables, seaweed, sprouts, whole grains, lacto-fermented products...all cooked with spices, herbs, oils with subtle that this food is synonymous with fun and discovery and at each meal your senses are aroused and fed even before the body.


An Echo of Nature


"What is dear to my heart, is balance. The deeper I go into questions of nutrition, the more it seems obvious to me: everything is welcome,  but sparingly. The choice of products, how to cook them and the quantities, all make a difference. I uphold a diet without frustration, which feeds the being in all its aspects, and respects its needs, like an echo of nature."



Who can participate?


The yoga instruction for this trip is aimed at both beginners and regular practitioners. Our goal is simply to share the knowledge and the practice that our teachers have acquired in the absolute respect of everyone's beliefs.


What kind of Yoga?


It is often asked what kind of Yoga our teachers practice and are able to share. The name does not matter because the education they have received and that they continue to receive is a comprehensive approach that integrates the different kinds of Yoga as well as the various philosophical approaches related to the discipline itself.


What does it involve?


Avoiding competition or performance, this shared experience will include the practice of postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), concentration (dharana), and an introduction to Indian philosophy from basic texts such as the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita.

Dates - 2015
May 29 - June 1
June 12-15


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Félicie Toczé - Chef

Félicie Toczé has been studying healthy food and cooking for more than 10 years. She works freelance as a coach for restaurants and individual clients, as a private chef and caterer and also as an instructor for groups and individuals alike.

Anna Khuade - Yoga Instructor


Anna's passion is to make people happier and healthier by introducing them to fitness, yoga and healthy nutrition. She has been practicing yoga for 7 years and is a Qualified Yoga Alliance Teacher RYT200 and has a diploma in Personal Training.

William Altman - Yoga Instructor

The teaching William shares, which is as much for beginners as regular practitioners, stems directly from that which he learned with Jean Klein and more recently with Sri T.K.Sribhashyam, the son of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, with whom he has been studying since 1997.