Germany & Alsace Wines - Day-by-Day

23 April - 6 May, 2019


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Day 1 - Tuesday, 23 April - Grand Hotel Hessicher Hof (Frankfurt)

Walking tour of Frankfurt with a local guide followed by dinner at Vinum, one of Frankfurt's best wine bars. Return to the Hotel via the river.

Day 2 - Wednesday, 24 April - Burg Schwartzenstein (Geisenheim)

We begin our Rhine wine tastings at Staatsweingut Kloster Eberbach followed by lunch.  Afternoon wine tasting with Robert Weil. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 3 - Thursday, 25 April - Burg Schwartzenstein (Geisenheim)
Morning tasting at Weingut Johan Schafer, followed by lunch on a terrace among the vineyards in Rudesheim. Afternoon tasting with Enrich Schonleber. Dinner on the terrace of the traditional wine tavern, Schlossschänke auf dem Johannisberg.

Day 4 - Friday, 26 April - Hotel Richterschof (Mülheim an der Mosel)
We journey from the Rhine to the Mosel with our first wine tasting at Weingut Joh. Jos. Prum. Lunch in a local winstub followed by afternoon tasting at Weingut Dr Loosen. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 5 - Saturday, 27 April - Hotel Richterschof (Mülheim an der Mosel)
We continue our visit of the Mosel with a morning tasting with Fritz Haag. Lunch in the vines at a local winstub. Our afternoon tasting is with Maximin Grünhaus von Schubert. Dinner in the evening at Schloss Lieser, a 20 minute walk across the river from the hotel.

Day 6 - Sunday, 28 April - Hotel Cour du Corbeau (Strasbourg)
We journey today from Germany to France, stopping en route to visit the historical town of Heidelberg. Arriving late afternoon in Strasbourg, we will have time to settle into our rooms before dinner near the hotel at Restaurant 1741 (1 star Michelin).

Day 7 - Monday, 29 April - Hotel Cour du Corbeau (Strasbourg)
We start our tastings of Alsatian wines with two great domains, Marc Kreydenweiss and Domaine Ostertag. Lunch among the vines at Am Lindeplatzel in Mittelbergheim will follow. In the afternoon, we return to Strasbourg for a visit of the town before dinner at Gavroche - Benoit Fuchs (1 star Michelin).

Day 8 - Tuesday, 30 April - La Maison des Têtes (Colmar)
Leaving Strasbourg, we begin our day with a tasting with Marcel Deiss. Lunch at  'La Table du Gourmet' (1-star Michelin). Afternoon visits with Marc Tempé and Domaine Bott Geyl. Dinner in Colmar at JY's, Jean-Yves Schillinger (2 star Michelin).

Day 9 - Wednesday, 1 May - La Maison des Têtes (Colmar)
A relaxing day of sight-seeing starting with Haut Koenigsbergand and touring around the Vosges mountains with a traditional 'ferme auberge' lunch at La Ferme-Auberge Rothenbrunnen. Dinner at the Auberge de l'Ill (3 star Michelin)

Day 10 - Thursday, 2 May - Château d'Isenbourg (Rouffach)
Morning tasting with Olivier Humbrect of Zind Humbrecht, voted greatest wine-maker in the world in 2014. Lunch at La Taverne Alsacienne in Ingersheim. Afternoon tasting with Barmes Buecher. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 11 - Friday, 3 May - Château d'Isenbourg (Rouffach)
Domaine Dirler Cade tasting in the morning followed by lunch at La Taverne du Vigneron in Guebwiller. Afternoon tasting with Pierre Frick. Dinner in Rouffach at restaurant Philippe Bohrer.

Day 12 - Saturday, 4 May - Abbaye de la Bussière (La Bussière sur Ouche)
Drive from Alsace to the Côte d'Or and an exclusive pinot noir tasting. Dinner at the hotel (1 star Michelin).

Day 13 - Sunday, 5 May - Hotel des Grandes Ecoles (Paris)
Return to Paris via Chablis and the vineyards of the Auxerrois. Sunday lunch in Chablis' finest bistro. Arrival at the Hotel des Grandes Ecoles for our last night. Our final dinner is in Paris at Le Petit Celestin, a traditional bistro with a great wine list and a short walk from the hotel.


Day 14 - Monday, 6 May (Departure)

The above itinerary and the order of events are subject to change, though the hotels, visits and wine tastings are confirmed and all meals included.