Summer Wine Provence - A Real Wine & Food Tour


9 days / 8 nights of sensual delights and discovery
(Optional 3-night gastronomic Paris add-on)


Dates upon request

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Living wines


Vineyard touring is the most exciting approach to France as it combines the beauty of the countryside, a connection with the soil and a chance to taste that soil through the alchemy of photosynthesis. It is an intimate association with terroir and technique, an opportunity to learn from the experience of others and to taste their toil. Wine is also the symbol of civilised living and a profound expression of man’s relationship to nature. On this tour we explore the subtleties of this relationship through the discovery of real wines and seasonal, living foods bursting with flavour.

Of all the regions of France, Provence evokes the most emotional response. It is the land of sun, olive trees, olive oil and wine, the land of antiquities going back to the start of civilisation. Countless artists have  lived here, benefiting from the extraordinary light and the romance of the lavender scented air.
Domains & Vineyards


Starting in the Southern Rhone with Michel Chapoutier in Tain l’Hermitage the tour reaches its end with Raimond de Villeneuve in Roquefort la Bédoule. In between we will meet with David Reynaud of Domaine Bruyeres, Marcel Richaud, Domaine Montirius, Domaine Viret (the only vineyard in France practicing cosmoculture), Domaine Villeneuve, Château Beaucastel, Domaine de Trevallon, Château Romanin, Château Ste Anne and Clos de le Magdeleine, among others.
Biodynamic wine


Biodynamic agriculture is a practice that encourages the macrobiological health of soils. It is a science of the living that harnesses life-forces to re-stimulate the soil.  French vineyards have been at the fore of this movement and in every appellation of the country, the wines that are at the top of the list are biodynamic. The reason for this is simple. Biodynamic wines are alive and this life is what gives them such complex and wonderful taste.


This tour, accompanied by a wine educator and avid novitiate of biodynamic wine, offers exclusive entrances to the best of the Rhone and Provence’s biodynamic and organic vineyards.

Starting in Paris, we will train to Valence to visit the vineyards of the southern Rhone and travel through the rustic beauty of the Drome, Gigondas, Cairanne, Orange, the stony vineyards of Châteauneuf du Pape, Avignon, city of the Popes, St-Remy and its lively open-air market, the timeless villages of the Luberon, the fishing ports of Cassis and Bandol and end in Marseilles. Along the way we will visit nougat makers, bakers, cheese-makers and dine in some of Provence’s best restaurants.


Dates upon request
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Geoffrey Finch

With 30 years of wine touring experience combined with 10 years of biodynamic wine research including the making of a documentary film called In Vino Veritas, Geoffrey has made wine both a study and a passion. As a long time resident of France, he has never stopped exploring the back roads and byways of the country, with vineyards being the main focus. Provence is a particular favourite and his in-depth knowledge of the region, its wine makers, vineyards, markets, villages, restaurants, sites and attractions will assure an intimate, personalised experience you won't forget.

© 2014 by TASTE - all photos by Geoffrey S. Finch

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