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 Taste is an association of concerned citizens who care about the future of food and the health of the planet.

Its fundamental belief is that there is a growing need for both direct and indirect action to defend natural food practices.

Though politically engaged, it is primarily about celebrating and living solutions rather than condemning problems. Activities range from group tastings and gastronomic touring to cultural and artistic events.



Seminars and social events featuring regional products and blind comparative food and wine tastings.


Of the table, of sharing, discovery, cooking, farming and celebrating the art of living.


Conscious choices defending real food and real flavours; services to promote understanding and knowledge about alternatives to agro-business.


Wine and gastronomic tours with cultural themes to anchor ‘terroir’ and spirit of place with tastes and flavours.



A broad range of thematic dinners, public food and wine events, cultural action, eco-fashion, organic cosmetics and household cleaning products awareness and eco-artistic events to promote sustainable environmental practices.

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