Ecological tour choices for discerning travellers


TASTE TOURS is devoted to saving the earth through the choices we make in eating and drinking. We support natural, organic and biodynamic farming practices.



Quality, pleasure and real taste


We bring travellers to the world's best tables, gastronomic palaces and beach fire cookouts to experience and celebrate real taste.


We defend unfiltered and untarnished organic, ecological, ethical and above all, delicious local foods and wines that are respectful of the environment and produced in the most passionate way.


Part educational, part epicurean, above all TASTE TOURS supports local, seasonal products – products that actually have 'taste'.


Become a member and enjoy the benefits of a growing eco-minded travel community that celebrates 'the spirit of place through taste'.





"I haven't been everywhere, but it's

on my list." Susan Sontag

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